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Please use the form below if you wish to change your company’s listing or if you wish to add your company. Before submitting your request, please read the guidelines below. Please note that requests may take several days to process. We reserve the right to deny requests or omit companies who we feel are not a good fit for this site.


To be included in the startup section of our site, your company must meet the following criteria:

  • Has a scalable business model that conveys intention and ability to grow quickly
  • Has been in business for five years or less
  • Has a presence in Lincoln

Examples of companies that may not be a good fit for the startup section of this site include service providers such as marketing agencies and brick-and-mortar local businesses such as restaurants.


To be considered a startup resource for the purposes of this site, your company must meet the following criteria:

  • Has a track record of providing services to startup companies
  • Has a presence in Lincoln (exceptions may be made when there are few or no Lincoln-based companies in your service category)
  • Is in general good standing in the community

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